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After teaching French in five secondary schools in Lincolnshire, Marie-Noëlle trained in careers guidance and worked in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Surrey advising adults and students in their careers choices.

She joined The Engineering Council to lead its WISE (Women Into Science and Engineering) campaign where for eighteen years she worked closely with school students and teachers, academics, key professional bodies, multi-national organisations and smaller employers, government departments, politicians and the media to promote the cause of women in these male-dominated sectors. She was the Director of WISE and a member of the WISE Board.

Marie-Noëlle is regularly interviewed on national and local radio and TV. She has given evidence to the Science and Technology Select Committees of the House of Commons and the House of Lords on topics relating to women working in science and engineering. She is co-author of a handbook, Engineering Equals, aimed at parents, teachers and lecturers. She has sat on various committees including the Stewart Committee, which looked at the safety of mobile phones. She was twice a judge for the Great Britons Awards.

She was awarded an MBE for her work in promoting science and engineering to women. She was also the winner of the London Woman of the Year Award. She received an Honorary Doctorate of Technology from the University of Staffordshire and became an Honorary Fellow of Cardiff University for her campaigning work. She was made a Champion of the Make Your Mark Campaign.

Marie-Noëlle, who has dual French and British citizenship, was educated at Nice University in France where she studied for an English Literature and English Language degree. She has lived in the United Kingdom for over 40 years.
Marie-Noëlle Barton MBE. An inspirational and entertaining speaker who motivates men and women through themes such as ‘Successful Networking’, ‘Effective Public Speaking’ and ‘how to build Self-esteem and Confidence’.
Personal Development speeches

Marie-Noëlle is able to support large and small companies, universities, schools and many other organisations in key areas of personal staff development.

Understanding and acquiring such skills help men and women in their work as well as their daily lives.

Why not start early and discuss leadership; networking; time management; public speaking; and confidence and self-esteem with school students so that they are prepared from day one when they leave school?

There are many myths surrounding the issue of leadership and a better understanding is vital for current leaders, aspiring ones or anyone working with and supporting leaders.

Marie-Noëlle defines, with a down-to-earth approach, what leadership is and contrasts it with management. By looking at examples of leaders, she helps her audience to understand the various types of leadership, draws the profile of a leader and concludes with tips on how to become a leader.

Networking successfully
With the wide use of emails, texts, and social networking sites, we now network daily, locally or internationally, for work and social purposes. Companies can harness this resource to their best advantage and help their workforce to network effectively and securely. Individuals may need to be guided about the ‘who’ and the ‘how’ of networking.

Marie-Noëlle covers the A to Z of networking, from the reasons someone should network, who makes up a network, to the characteristics and skills needed to network successfully.

Time management
Widely-used expressions like Time is money or A stitch in time saves nine help to remind us that time needs to be respected and used to the full whether at work or in our everyday life. As companies try to produce more for less and as organisations cut back on their workforce, time-management is more vital than ever to remain competitive.

After an explanation of the key principles of time management, Marie-Noëlle helps her audience to assess themselves and to plan new ways to manage activities for themselves and those around them.

Speaking effectively in public
I would rather die than to speak in public is a genuine quote from a woman completing a questionnaire about public speaking. The reality is that as soon as we speak to more than a few people, we are speaking in public whether in social gatherings, meetings, or conferences.
With advice and practice, public speaking is not so daunting and it may even be enjoyed. Marie-Noëlle runs through the research, preparation, writing and delivering stages with warnings about pitfalls and tips on how to succeed. And, yes, how to tell jokes is covered!

Building self-esteem and confidence
If you feel you can, you are right said the American industrialist Henry Ford. If we do not believe in ourselves and in our ability, who will? A lack of self-esteem and confidence can cost someone a job and many other opportunities. There is a huge spectrum between a being self-effacing person or an arrogant individual and this presentation helps everyone find a comfortable place to grow, progress and realise their potential.

After investigating the reasons why some people lack self-esteem and confidence, Marie-Noëlle explains why we need to be confident and how to build self-esteem and confidence.

This presentation, which is very popular at schools’ Prize Giving events, can be tailored for a girls-only or women-only audience.

Promoting Science and Engineering speeches
Attracting more women into science, engineering and technology once we stop and think about a life without science, engineering and technology (SET), we cannot help being in awe of its crucial importance to mankind. To be increasingly competitive in this global market, SET companies need to attract the best people and this is only achieved by recruiting from 100% of the population – men and women.

Marie-Noëlle has over twenty years’ experience of campaigning for more women to be attracted, trained, recruited, and promoted into SET occupations.

Whether a parent of a son or daughter in education, a teacher in school, a trainer, an employer or someone interested in women’s issues, this speech will gives a deep insight into the situation of women in SET in the UK and how to ensure they are recruited into this exciting profession.

Inspiring young people into science, engineering and technology Young people were born with technology – literally, when we think of the scans, the heart monitors, the respirators etc… As they grow, their lives are touched daily by science, engineering and technology (SET) but how many can relate their iPhones or the jeans they wear with electronics or chemical engineering?
Helping boys and girls in schools understand the contribution SET makes to everyone’s lives and, through examining young role models’ work, demonstrating the breadth of these careers, is what Marie-Noëlle can do to a mixed audience or an audience of girls only.

French Life speeches

How the French Eat
France is a popular holiday destination and, when asked why this is, many people mention their enjoyment of French food and wine. Although there are only 26 miles between the UK and France at the Straights of Dover, when it comes to food, we are worlds apart.

How the French Eat
Part 1 is about clarifying a different way of eating, not claiming that it is better. In fact, Marie-Noëlle pokes copious fun at the French while explaining what food means to the French, and describing how they eat at home, with guests, and in restaurants. Basic ingredients of French cooking are discussed as well as the etiquette when invited to eat in a French home.

How the French Eat –
Part 2 describes French markets and how the French behave in them; food eaten at picnics; and dishes prepared on feast days such as Christmas, epiphany, weddings etc…
Make your event that little bit more special by serving French refreshments. Advice on menus and recipes can be given.
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