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Over the past decade Louise Burfitt-Dons has established a reputation for speaking out on a range of humanitarian issues. Advocate, writer, playwright, author, encourager, persuader, founder of children's charity ‘Act Against Bullying’, mother, futurist, environmental broadcaster, inspirational and motivational speaker.

She is a 'gun for hire' on the speaking circuit. In her presentations, Louise blends timely and provocative knowledge with just the right amount of humour and motivation. She is masterly at tailoring presentations to audiences as she addresses relevant trends and offers powerful, practical guidance for self motivation and fulfilment

She has promoted the values of opportunity and compassion to counter anti-social behaviour and engender aspiration, both as a motivational speaker and also as a candidate for the Conservative Party in the UK in the General Election of 2015 for Nottingham North, one of the country’s most deprived areas.

Louise has appeared on Sky News, Good Morning America, Channel Four News, ITV News London, ITN, BBC Breakfast and Talk Radio Europe, BBC Surrey and BBC Sussex, BBC Oxford, LBC, The World Tonight. She has written on social affairs and political issues for a range of newspapers and blogs including Conservative Home. She is a regular news reviewer on the Ian Collins show Roundtable on LBC Radio.

She believes that some feminist groups have hijacked and radicalised the equality movement and has catalysed a debate around conservative feminism calling on more gender realism via her blog The Right Wing Feminist.

Developed out of necessity to encourage young victims of bullying, Louise’s unique style of motivation through theatrically inspired campaigns combined with a motherly concern for children is helping a range of inhibited people to find their feet.

Humanitarian, global warming celebrity and Hot Woman are some of the references to Louise whose name has cropped up beside a range of diverse personalities from Jade Goody to Joe Biden and whose photographed legs replaced the face of Dave Cameron for the 2007 CWO Conference Times coverage.

Louise Burfitt-Dons is an easily identifiable motivator. Drawing on her life experiences as a mother and wife, as well as her expertise as a charity campaigner, writer and anti-bullying expert, she is a down-to-earth speaker who all age groups can relate to.

She speaks inspirationally about opportunities for fulfillment, how age is no barrier, why reinvention is a natural female gift and how women’s mufti-focused personalities are underused.

Louise’s sense of humour combined with a grounded view of the world today and its changing social dynamics are thought provoking. Having researched girl groups for anti-bullying purposes, her talks include exposing empowerment myths that just don’t work for women and positive pep talks that do. In this way she approaches the subject of motivation with integrity and grit.

Drawing on the link between her research into female behaviour and ‘beauty power’, Louise can improve any aspect of your life or business. In a world where over half the population is female, a large proportion of workforce is made up of women, and consumer markets are dependent on the spend trend, her insight is invaluable.

Tailored to a wide range of subjects Louise can present a relevant address for any conference, after dinner occasion or boardroom bash.

Environmental Speaker

As a writer and public speaker, Louise campaigns on behalf of the Global Warming Alliance in UK raising awareness of their research work into changes in the atmosphere due to anthropogenic climate change. In December 2006 she set up the You Tube channel to broadcast news of climate change to the general public.

The Hot Women Campaign was her initiative to appeal to the type of woman she is herself –‘someone who enjoys the comforts of our modern, developed society, but who also is now fully aware of the potentially devastating effects of our environmental neglect on our children’s futures.’

The state of the environment is now the number one concern individual and business people. Louise talks about what’s going on in the world of climate change in a style that brings climate change politics to life for all - even those who have never heard the word ‘anthropogenic’!

‘A green business can get you out of the red in today’s global credit crisis. So climate change is a hot topic for every boardroom or human resources manager.’

Louise covers this serious subject in light-hearted vein using Hot Women as an example of her initiatives (which are not about throwing custard or assaulting models in mink).

She also gives an insight into the complex topsy-turvy world that is climate change campaigning - focusing on whatever good news she can gather to inspire and motivate.
Social commentator, humanitarian and political activist, Louise Burfitt-Dons is the one of the country’s most formidable campaigners on anti-bullying issues, having founded the children’s charity Act Against Bullying fifteen years ago.
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