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Widely recognized as a media specialist and industry expert, Sue Llewellyn draws from a diverse wealth of experience spanning all things media and entertainment, a broad network of valuable contacts and a wide range of communication and life skills worth sharing.

As a former PR turned BBC journalist and reporter, Sue possesses a unique business acumen for the communications industry that has been cultivated and honed on the front lines of top-tier media outlets over the past 25 years.

Having produced live broadcast segments ranging from The Oscars to Wimbledon, to Ascot and Buckingham Palace for BBC Breakfast and RAF Brize Norton for Children in Need, Sue has not only experienced first-hand the ‘day to day’ (or daily grind?) of the media business but has also travelled across the globe for her craft and mingled with celebrities and media moguls alike.

This has enabled Sue to develop an ever-expanding network of valuable contacts over the years consisting of colleagues, industry heavy-weights, celebrities, experts and friends from all walks of life.

In addition to meeting a huge range of British and Hollywood talent, she has also personally interviewed some of the world’s most recognizable stars – including Johnny Depp, Will Smith and John Travolta, to name a few.

Before launching her career in television, Sue established her own PR, marketing and sponsorship consultancy where she served an impressive range of charities and ‘Green’ organizations throughout the late eighties and early nineties. Long before ‘Green’ became the ‘new black’ and a fashionable cause, Sue combined her specialized communication skills with her passion for environmental issues to help organisations such as the Born Free Foundation, The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and the British Environment and Media Awards (BEMAs) with their fund raising and media relations.

With a sense of adventure and an unfettered passion for life and other people, Sue’s ability to feel immediately at home almost anywhere and with anyone, can be accredited to her childhood, which was spent in far-flung corners of the world including Argentina, Holland, Iran and America.

In her spare time, Sue loves walking, yoga, meditation, cooking for friends, entertaining and reading voraciously. Even with a broad range of career experience spanning broadcast journalism, PR, advertising, copywriting and even A&R in the music industry, being the mother of three ‘grown up’ children is without a doubt the best and most rewarding job Sue has ever had.
Speaker and event host Sue is a former BBC Breakfast reporter, writer, broadcaster and media consultant with a wide range of professional experience in both small start-ups and a massive international corporation. She is also an expert in social media.
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