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Katie Piper is a best-selling international author, inspirational speaker, TV presenter and charity campaigner. She is also a young woman who has rebuilt her life after surviving a brutal attack in March 2008 at the age of 24, in which she was raped and had sulphuric acid thrown in her face.

Just over a year after the attack, Katie made the decision to share her story in a remarkable film for the Cutting Edge strand on Channel 4 called 'Katie: My Beautiful Face' which was watched by over 3.5million viewers and nominated for Best Single Documentary at the BAFTA Television Awards in 2010.

In 2009 she set up a charity The Katie Piper Foundation to help people with burns and scars to reconnect with their lives and their communities. Simon Cowell supported Katie by becoming the patron and remains actively involved to date. The charity's vision is a world where scars do not limit a person's function, social inclusion or sense of well-being.

In addition to her charity commitments, Katie also presents a number of TV shows which are shown on C4 in the UK and in a number of countries around the world. In her most recent series called ‘Body Shockers ’ she meets people planning major body modifications and introduces them to someone who has already had the modification done and regretted it. She is currently filming series 3 which will air early 2016. Her other credits include ‘Katie’s Extraordinary Births’ which was shown in 2015.

This year Katie joined the iconic Ideal Home Show as their fashion and beauty ambassador for both the Spring and the Christmas shows. She hosted one of the most high profile catwalk shows using diverse models called 'Confidence: The Secret'. She will front ‘Confidence at Christmas’ later this year at the Christmas shows.

Katie has also written four books, an autobiography called ‘Beautiful’, an affirmations book called ‘Start Your Day With Katie’ , an inspirational book called ‘Things Get Better’ and ‘Beautiful Ever After’ which was published at the end of 2014.

Katie has been described as an inspirational role model, and her bravery and determination have been recognised by being nominated and receiving a number of awards. Most recently she received a special recognition award at The Pride of Britain Awards in London.

In 2014 Katie welcomed a beautiful baby girl and has thrown herself into motherhood enjoying every second.
The remarkable Katie Piper is a beautiful, young woman who is in the very public process of rebuilding her life after surviving a brutal attack in March 2008 when her ex-boyfriend arranged for someone to throw sulphuric acid in her face. She is so brave and determined not only for her own survival but she spends much time helping others who have been disfigured in some way. Her speeches are simply inspirational.
Katie Piper talks about an experience that would break most people, Katie did shed many tears but she also managed to laugh. Listen to a story of a young woman who appeared to have it all but ironically when it was taken away from her in seconds in a frenzied acid again she discovered a fascinating inner strength and a life more fulfilled and happier than she ever could of hoped for. Inspiring yes, but also intriguing and fascinating, one woman’s loss of identity as she knew it and fighting for the right to still smile!
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