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Felicia Johnson is a best-selling author, international speaking and mental health and youth advocate. As a survivor of child abuse and teen homelessness and one who deals with mental illness in her personal and work life, Felicia is very involved in efforts to end the stigma of mental illness. She has worked for nearly 10 years in the mental health field. She works in Atlanta with the Highlands Institute and volunteers with Youth Villages Inner Harbour as a youth mentor and Personality Disorders Awareness Network. Johnson was an honoree at the Gutsy Gals Inspire Me Awards of 2014 for her work in mental health advocacy. Felicia's novel, "Her", was nominated for Georgia Writer's Association Author of the Year Award 2014. In addition, Felicia was honored and awarded for speaking and organizing the Women's Empowerment Event 2015 for National Alliance On Mental Illness (NAMI) in Augusta, GA. Felicia was honored with the National Alliance On Mental Illness Educational Speaker's Award for her speech during NAMI Rome's Minority Mental Health Awareness Month Event.

Felicia readily engages her audiences with the moving story of her survival from child abuse, homelessness as a teenager, and past self harm and depression. She uses her knowledge, educational background in Psychology, and over ten years of work in the mental health field to empower, encourage, educate and enlighten her audiences.

Felicia Johnson discusses her own experience in dealing with a loved one suffering from child abuse, depression and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Inspired by her own life story and the journey of her childhood friend, Felicia has authored the novel, Her, which is the story of a young girl dealing with BPD. Through her book, Felicia helps to bring understanding of BPD within reach of many young people and families afflicted by it and continues to help many come to terms with mental health issues they face. Johnson brings remarkable insight and understanding to an illness that affects 1 -2 % of the population and wreaks havoc on the lives and relationships of young men and women.
A child abuse survivor who turned into an amazing life thriver! Best selling author, international speaker, mental health and youth advocate
Presents keynote address, speaking engagements, trainings and presentation on:
Suicide (education and prevention)
Personality Disorders (BPD)
Childhood Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Trauma (emotional and psychological)
Mental health awareness
Survivors and Recovery
Self harm and abuse (cutting, etc.)
Teenage homelessness
Writing & Journaling (therapeutic and for publishing)
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